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luna by heimweh26
Posted by hygher on 2006.07.02 at 12:05

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m 19. I’m seeking animal lovers to help me out. I’m doing the Blogathon for The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary this year. Basically I’m going to stay awake for 24 hours and post to my livejournal every half hour. The money I raise will go directly to The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Further information about Blogathon 2006 can be found at Blogathon.org.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter that houses 1,500 animals on any given day. Their goal is to promote compassion towards animals and stop killing of perfectly healthy animals by taking them from shelters across the nation. More information about best friends can be found at their official website.

To sponsor me please fill out the form here.I would greatly appreciate sponsorship of any amount. The money goes to the animals and anything you can give to help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email me at RBrandt87@gmail.com

My German ShepherdsCollapse )

If this is not allowed I apologize. Feel free to delete it. This has been cross posted so I’m sorry if you come across it more than once.


Davie's Healthy!

Posted by _lovely_mistake on 2005.09.29 at 19:09
Current Mood: happyhappy
Wednesday night was Davie's first vet visit and it has all turned out really well for now. Well, first I guess you should know that Davie was officially dubbed to be a female, and no, we are not changing her name from Davie – even though my boyfriend keeps insisting that we do. The doctor believes she is about a year and half old, and that she may look younger but it's just because she is a 'petite cat'. I mean, she only weighed in at a little less than six pounds.

As far as her tests went, she tested negative for Feline Leukemia and negative for any parasites as well. So we are very relieved about that. The doctor said that that she is in relatively good health, just a little under nourished, but besides that she seems to be fine. As far as the hair loss on her back is concerned, the doctor said that she believes it is just from being malnourished but just to make sure we did a "culture-dermatophyte". As soon as those tests come back we will either cure the hair loss issue (if it is positive) or allow Davie to finally run free in the house with our other cats (if it is negative). It can't be mange or anything of the sort, because she is parasite free, so the doctor is almost sure it is just from being outside and not healthy.

As far as shots and vaccine area concerned, Davie got her FeLV Vaccine and also her FVRCP kitten vaccine this visit. In three weeks we will be taking her back to get her other set of shots (I believe she still needs her booster and something else). So we will make sure to keep you updated as things progress.

Also, here is the invoice of the vet visit, just in case any of you wanted to see it for some reason or another. I know a lot of you are still skeptical about this whole thing, so hopefully that will clear your mind of any disbelief you may still have. The cost for the visit was $168, but they gave me a student discount for going to USF so it got knocked down to $151.20. I still have to go back and get the rest of her shots taken care of, which will probably run me between $60-$80, and then get her sterilized at the Humane Society for $40. So, I'm no where near done spending the cash, but I am just happy that Davie is going to be okay :) My info has been blacked out for safety reasons of course.


And I also have some new pictures of Davie from in my apartment - enjoy.


Thanks to everyone that donated to help save Davie! We appreciate it!!!
<3 Amber


Help Save Davie!!!

Posted by _lovely_mistake on 2005.09.24 at 15:19
Current Mood: sadsad
Hey guys! I don't know how many people have read my post before about Davie, but this is a post to beg anyone of you that can help me, to help out.

The Davie StoryCollapse )

Please, please, PLEASE! If anyone can give anything to help me out with this cat I would be forever grateful. My heart really goes out to Davie, it's special. It isn't one of those cats that want to be outside and alone... Davie really wants a home, and I need help so he/she can get one.

I am going to spend my entire refund check from USF (left over money from grants and scholarships) to save this cat, but it isn't going to be enough. I get the check on the 20th of October, so I have about 1 month to come up with as much money as I can to get Davie healthy. If I can get 20 people to give just $5, which cuts the cost for me down to 50% of what the total estimated cost is. Better yet, if I could get 20 people to donate $10 each I could buy it extra things such as cat food and litter, because I do already have 2 cats.

If you can't give, I understand. But, if you can, please give something, anything is better than nothing.

Thanks again guys!
<3 Amber

*I would appreciate it if you guys could spread the word about this. I have posted this in many journals, so I am just praying for everyone to give a little bit, just a little to save Davie...

Eli Face
Posted by ohyoubaddog on 2005.08.10 at 21:17
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
I just found the best new thing to eat. It's the plastic mat under my daddy's desk chair that goes over the carpet! It makes a lot of noise when I chew and chew and chew! It's so much fun to see Food Guy growl at me because he's trying to study for a big test. It's so much fun to play with him!

Bawoo, bawoo!


Bow before me, lowly canines!

Posted by 3badkats on 2005.08.10 at 18:46
For I am Empress Pikaboo. These are my minions, Clairee and Fa Ying. Once I rule... I mean we rule the world, I will allow loyal followers into my court to worship me as is my our due.

Cats rule.
Dogs drool.


Hoppy Toads

Posted by harperpuppy on 2005.08.09 at 23:22
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
This morning, BossLady was busy so grandma took me outside to smoke. I like going outside with her in the mornings, there's so much outside. And I get to sniff all over the yard where other animals have tried to get in during the night.

BossLady doesn't like it when I chase things in the morning, she yells and gets my leash when I don't want to come in right away. But not grandma. She just lets me chase stuff.

So, while I was outside this morning, this hoppy toad thingy was in my space. It jumped and acted like it wanted to play so I tried to jump like it does, only it quit moving when I pounced it. When I let it go, it tried to play again. *tail wags* It let me play this game for a while, but then, I decided I wanted to eat it. Only, when I put it in my mouth, it was gross! And I dropped it, and my mouth started to foam and grandma called BossLady and she yelled at me. I didn't care though, because the stuff in my mouth wouldn't come out.

BossLady made me take a drink and then she gave me a Milkbone. She always gives me a milkbone. After I ate it, I got up on the sofa and decided to take a nap. Maybe there will be another Hoppy Toad tomorrow, next time though, I won't try to eat it.

Eli Face
Posted by ohyoubaddog on 2005.08.09 at 21:36
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Hi! My name is Eli the beagle and my human, whydylan, made me a LiveJournal so I could tell my friends all the bad things I did that day. All my friends liked it so much their humans made them LiveJournals too! And it was so much fun, that I told my human to start a community so other people could make Journal entries for their pets too, and we could all talk to each other! *wags tail* We can talk about animal issues, things that make us happy, or just silly things we did and it'll be so much fun. Even if you don't have your own LJ, your human can type for you in theirs.

My daddy got me in Salisbury, Mississippi so I'm a real southern hound dog! I live with my daddy Food Guy, and That Other Guy. I'm a dog and I have a dog brother and two dog sisters, but I like to read entries from any kinds of pets, even cats. *doggie grin*

on a chain
Posted by whydylan on 2005.08.09 at 21:03
Current Mood: happyhappy
My name's Scarlett and I'm Eli's big sister! We play and play because we're the same age (we think) and sometimes it looks like we're fighting but we're really just playing. We also like to play with our other brother and sister, King and Sierra. Our daddies bought us a little blue swimming pool so we could play in the water. It's fun but I don't like to get my feet wet too much.

My other daddy found me on the side of the interstate. I was really hungry and he took me home in his car, and I was never hungry again! I'm so happy to have such a good home that I'm never bad. I love my daddies so much I lick them and follow them everywhere they go! Food Guy calls me "Baby Girl" even though I'm taller than my brother King.

I hope every hungry dog finds such a good home. *wags tail*