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Hi! My name is Eli the beagle and my human, whydylan, made me a LiveJournal so I could tell my friends all the bad things I did that day. All my friends liked it so much their humans made them LiveJournals too! And it was so much fun, that I told my human to start a community so other people could make Journal entries for their pets too, and we could all talk to each other! *wags tail* We can talk about animal issues, things that make us happy, or just silly things we did and it'll be so much fun. Even if you don't have your own LJ, your human can type for you in theirs.

My daddy got me in Salisbury, Mississippi so I'm a real southern hound dog! I live with my daddy Food Guy, and That Other Guy. I'm a dog and I have a dog brother and two dog sisters, but I like to read entries from any kinds of pets, even cats. *doggie grin*